Small Groups

Small Groups at Cornerstone

Current Connection/Small Groups – you can join anytime

Sundays 7-8 PM – Co-Ed Group – Roger Sargent

Young Adults Sean Heagerty

Women’s Small Group – Thursdays 7 – 8pm

This small group will utilize the Wesleyan Small Group approach for weekly conversations and observations towards encouraging each other to grow stronger in our walk with God.  Here are the basics for the group:

  1. Weekly, Thursdays at 7PM to 8PM at the church
  2. At our first meeting:
    1. Each person can introduce themselves, their spiritual journey, and why they have decided to join a small group. 
    2. Each member shares a short bit on how it is with their soul. (this is easier than it may sound) 
    3. We will wrap up with prayer 

Before the meetings:

  1. Think about your week and how your soul is doing
  2. PRAY for each other on the distribution list by name, that we may create a space for each other to grow in our walk with God

Thanks!  Teresa Hutchinson

If you would be interested in being part of a connection group. Email the church office at