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Serve Team Sponsored Charities

Matthew 9:37 Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; 38 therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”

October Non-Perishable Food Drive

October Food Drive at Cornerstone. One way we can share the hope and light of Jesus in our community is by offering food to those in need. During the month of October we will be collecting non-perishable food items in our sanctuary to be bagged and gifted to those in need at Cornerstone’s Fun Fall Family Festival on October 31 from 2-4 pm in our parking lot. Won’t you help?  If you have questions, please contact Connie Allen or Karen Kirkman. Here are other ways to help at our event.

Clothes Donations Needed

Anyone who has clothes (men’s or women’s, S/M/L) or other warm items (blankets, sleeping bags) that they would like to donate for the homeless being served by CCS (our partners from the HOME program), please contact Connie Allen at 253-951-1268 or

Home for the Homeless

We just received a call from one of the men who was in the HOME (homeless) program, and who is currently living outside. He was just approved for the HEN (Housing and Essential Needs) program, to receive a $1000/month towards an apt in a complex, or $700 towards a room with a kitchenette, or $400 for just a room rental ($ can go towards utilities if rent is lower), but it can’t be housing that is subsidized thru any other program, so he asked if we could put out the word to see if anyone has a room or mother-in-law type apt they are looking to rent. Ideally it would be near public transportation, but he is willing to walk a reasonable distance to catch a bus when needed. He is vaccinated, has been background checked, since he used to work for a local school district, and has germaphobia, so is very clean.

We need Scripture Readers/Liturgists for Sunday Morning Bible Reading!

Cornerstone UMC: Scripture Readers (

Serving at Cornerstone

Cornerstone Finance team is in need of volunteers to fill some important positions in the life of our church.  See the attached document and consider how you can use your gifts and talents to serve the church.

There are also many other committees and groups who can use your gifts and talents, even in small ways.  Consider reaching out to one of these team leaders and seeing how you can help.


Grateful to our Serve Team that continues to prepare meals for the ladies at KentHOPE.


We need help making and delivering lunches to KentHope.  Look for upcoming dates soon!  Or you may contact Jolaine Elliott at or text her at 253-861-6740.

Vine Maple Place Needs Volunteers

Vine Maple Place has recently opened a Kent family resource office and is looking for volunteers to work with kids, especially babies and toddlers, on Wednesday and Thursday evenings (5-7:30), as well as Tuesday and Thursday mornings. It’s located at 240th & Benson/104, near the Value Village, so if you live in that area and don’t want to travel to Maple Valley, there is now a closer location to volunteer. There are  lots of volunteer opportunities in Maple Valley as well. Volunteer applications still go through the VMP main website, but now ask which location you prefer.

Vine Maple Place – Ending Homelessness in South King County

Hospitality is in Need of Volunteers

Hospitality Team is in need of volunteers to help greet people on Sunday mornings. If you are able to help please email Brian Heineman.

Habitat For Humanity

The Cornerstone community began working with Habitat for Humanity years ago when Daniel Foster was pastor.  They introduced themselves to the congregation and provided an overview of their activities and opportunities to volunteer.  Various members of the congregation have been involved with them over the years to build affordable housing.”


Connie and Bob Allen

Cornerstone has a long-standing history supporting Habitat for Humanity and their builds around South King County. Cornerstone has been given the opportunity to participate in upcoming builds happening in our area. If you would like to find out more about this click here. You can speak with Bob or Connie Allen or text/call 253-951-1268 (prefer text) for more information or the church office.

For anyone looking to get involved as an individual here is the link for more information.

Other ways to Serve All Year at Cornerstone or in the Community

Our Blessing Box

During these difficult times we are seeing more and more activity at the Blessing Box in our parking lot.  On a daily basis people are donating to the box and taking items as needed.  If you would like to donate you can add things directly to the box or make financial donations to the church and memo them “Blessing Box?  We are SO grateful for your continued generosity.

Care Team

Karen Dare  and Carol Nohavec  (

Joining the CARE TEAM is a great way to help church members who are recovering from illness or injury, just welcomed a new baby or lost a loved one.  When one of these big life events happens to a member of our church family, you will receive an email explaining the person’s needs, whether it be meals or visits or a ride to a doctor’s appointment, babysitting or help with yardwork.  You will be able to see a calendar that has been set up with the dates and specific needs.  You will check your schedule and see if you can help with one or more of those needs.  It is very simple and there is no pressure to sign up unless you want to. 

Another benefit of joining the Care Team is that it is a fun way to meet people in the church that you may not already know!  It’s a win-win for everyone!

The Care Team has blessed countless members of our church and they have all said that it has been immensely helpful and that they have felt very cared for in their time of need!  It’s a wonderful way to be the hands and feet of God!

Feel free to email Carol Nohavec at if you would like to join or if you have any questions.

Cornerstone Supports Missionaries

Elya Price and her Mission Work in Japan

Dear Cornerstone Family,

I am feeling 100% again after having COVID. Thank you again for your prayers. This month I’ve been trying to get involved with community activities near my house. I’ve been able to join several clubs at our community center in an effort to meet new people, make friends, and practice my Japanese. I’ve made calligraphy brush postcards, stamps carved out of marble, and even joined a Spanish grammar class by accident! It’s been fun meeting new people.I also discovered a Christian owned cafe and coffee roastery close to my house. I have started volunteering there on my free days making their desserts and getting to know their business. I am very excited to have this opportunity to see another perspective on cafe ministry. If you’d like to know more and see some pictures, please check out this month’s newsletter:

Prayer Requests
~ Prayer for my relationship and time spent volunteering at Tokyo Coffee Roastery
~ Prayer for my friend’s wedding this month and for me making her wedding cake
~ Prayer for my relationship with a Japanese girl who became a believer overseas but has now returned to Japan and is very discouraged

Elya Price

Search for Missionary: 

Elya-anne Price 

ID: 012474 

Other Ways to Give:


Elya Price

Missions Update from Matthew Culp

This past summer I spent 5 weeks in San Diego at a project with my church called Elevate. The purpose of Elevate is to prepare you to live as a Christian for the rest of your life, covering everything from budgeting to making disciples. It was an amazing trip, I learned how to make disciples, lead a church and minister to college students all while also strengthening my relationship with God in the process. This past week I’ve been meeting students and helping kickstart a year of college ministry, we had over 100 students say they’d like to come to the church or read the Bible with us. Elevate prepared me to be able to do this and help guide college students towards God. Thank you for the prayer and financial support on this journey and please keep praying that students at Montana State University would come to know Christ this year,

Matthew Culp

Molly Bartlett (former Children’s Intern) Summer Mission Trip

My trip to New York definitely changed my life. I went into the city not exactly sure what the trip had in store for me but chose to step into everything trusting God and my leaders. Once we arrived, I figured out that I would be mostly evangelizing and reaching lost Bengali people in the city. New York has a massive population of people from Bangladesh, and there are very few people who actually follow Jesus from that country. Bangladesh is a primarily Muslim community, meaning that they read the Quran and have an incorrect understanding of who Jesus is. To begin our mission every day, we started by learning about the Muslim worldview. We would read the Quran and a book about a Muslim man coming to give his life to Christ. This was always helpful so we could understand what our new friends were referring to and how the history behind the Quran stems from the truth of the Bible that is twisted due to the brokenness of the world.

On my trip, I got the opportunity to walk through spiritual warfare and figure out how to handle this very true and apparent aspect of faith. Every day, we had something new pop-up that was a difficult situation where we had no choice but to rely on Jesus through it all. While it was a difficult season, I now feel more prepared to handle this in my typical ministry and am extremely thankful for how the Lord worked through and in me.

While we were in New York, my team and I got to share the Gospel countless times with

people who have never heard the truth of Jesus before. One of our new friends decided to follow Jesus while we were there! Many seeds were planted and even if we do not see the fruits of our obedience, we know that God is working in New York past our 6 weeks there. Please be praying for the Bengali community of New York and that their hearts would be softened to the Gospel.

If anybody has any specific questions about my trip, please have them reach out to me! My phone number is 253-332-8191.

Other ways to serve and give in our church and community

Personal Shopper for a Shut In Senior Citizen

Would you like to adopt another Merrill Garden’s resident? They have two new residents who need shopping help.  The residents are still not allowed to go shopping for themselves because the facility is afraid they will be exposed to too many Covid germs!  If you would like to help out, please reply to this email and let me know and I will give you their name and contact info.  If you aren’t sure, but you have some questions about this outreach please contact me and I will be happy to answer your questions.  Merrill Garden’s is in Auburn. If you have questions you can contact Carol Nohavec.

  1. Connie Allen is working with Catholic Community Services to serve sack lunches to the people served at the Day Use facilities. These will not just be the men whom we have hosted through HOME, but all the people who visit the Day Use Facilities. The number of people being served is much larger than our normal HOME dinners for 20-25, so working with a group of friends, your small group, etc. is recommended. Please follow the links below or contact Connie Allen or text/call 253-951-1268 (prefer text) for more information.

Community Engagement Center Link (Kent)
The Community Engagement Center is located at 31225 W Smith St Kent, WA 98032; right behind CCS’s Kent Family Center Offices. We are seeking help to provide lunch on Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays. Meals should be delivered between 11am and 12pm and should be for 35-70 people. Individually wrapped meals like sandwiches or burritos are preferred but family-style meals are appreciated too. ·

Facebook Link here

Erin Maguire, MSW
Catholic Community Services of King County
Regional Network Builder | 206-327-2474

Storehouse Covington Foodbank –

Click here to read a special thank you from Storehouse.

Vine Maple Place – Donations and Volunteers Needed

Maple Valley Foodbank