November 2023 Pastor’s Column – Pastor Cecilia Comer

Hi Everyone,

Happy November!

Wow! Does time fly. In just a few days (November 5th) we will fall back an hour and be poised for some extra sleep; and just a few days after that (November 7th) we will have an opportunity to vote on Election Date. I pray that we will all embrace both–a little more rest and our ability to vote and help shape our society to reflect God’s kingdom. What a gift they both are; and for each I give God thanks.

I hope this month will be filled with thanksgiving for us, not only for rest and the ability to participate in this upcoming presidential election and local ballots, but also for all of the many blessings that are all around and are enriching your life. That is the thing about rest–slowing down can help us to see more clearly God’s amazing faithfulness and bountiful blessings. May we be truly grateful for our blessings and be a blessing to those around us during November and beyond.

My prayers go up in a special way for Israel, Palestine, Russia and Ukraine–that the light of Christ will bring them into a place of stillness before Him, and bring about repentance, forgiveness and agreements that lead to peace. May the call to ceasefire reach the hearts and minds that need to hear it, so that the healing and rebuilding can begin, is my prayer in Jesus’ name.

God bless you and Shalom, Shalom,
Pastor Comer