January Newsletter Column from Pastor Cecilia Comer

Greetings in the Name of Jesus, our Savior!

It is my joy to greet you in this new year of 2022! What a wonderful blessing it is to be able to welcome another new year. It is my prayer that it will be filled with time with family, meaningful work that brings God’s glory.

I want to encourage us to make it a priority to start new faith-developing habits in our lives and with family and friends this year. Spiritual/faith developing relationships are not automatic. We must plant seeds and nurture them and they will grow.

If you are like me, since Covid-19, we have all had to become really intentional about doing things to keep our faith strong and keep up our participation in the body of Christ. It has taken intentionality to continue participating as a part of our faith community, being able to draw on available resources for support and to give support to others. I hope that you have found things that nourish you. If you have, are you continuing to avail yourself of those things that encouraged you in Christ and made your life better? If not, 2022 is a wonderful time to start it up again. If you haven’t yet found those life-giving practices alone and with others, this year we encourage you to set out in faith to start something new, join something new, do things as a part of your commitment to living a Christian life that allow you to draw on Christian fellowship and be a blessing to others who want to do the same.

We will be starting new small groups. We continue to have Bible Studies on site. We have ways for you to serve. We are open to hearing how you would like to serve or ways that you could use support.

In 2022, let’s look for ways that we can live our lives bigger, bolder, and better as Cornerstone Christians, by drawing closer to God personally, with family, and with friends we know and those we are yet to develop.

With love,

Pastor Comer