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Dear Church Family,

I wanted to give you a quick update on how everything is going for preparing to go to Japan. I had been working towards going to a training and had missed the financial deadline. Well, God has worked everything out. I found out mid-October that very few of the missionaries with TEAM, who were working towards that 60% financial goal like I was, made the deadline of September 30th. Since there would have been so few people at the training, TEAM has decided to postpone the training until February. This is a blessing for me! I am now at 63% therefore guaranteed a spot at the February training! This only changes my timeline for departing a little. I will continue to work towards being 100% financially funded by February, then, I can simply go to the training as the last item on my “check list” and leave for Japan mid to late February. God is good! And church family you are good! Your encouragement and prayers have been a great joy and comfort for me. Thank you!

Elya Price

More information in my newsletter: Postcards From Japan

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We thank you for your continued financial support towards paying down the loan for the Capital Campaign.  It is because of your generous support that all this is possible.  God is good!


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High School Youth Group for grades 9-12 meets Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM, dinner is provided.

If you picked up a copy of the Conference devotional, “We Make the Road by Walking”, this is the 2nd week of readings. Recommended by Our Bishop Elaine Stanovsky.  If you were not able to get a copy you can still order them online.  You can follow along with the Crossover Blog on the website link below.  And Note:  There is interest in starting a small group conversation around this devotional — would you be interested? Speak with Kimberley to be included.


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