Small Groups

Small Groups at Cornerstone

Only 2 more weeks to sign up. (Sign up by September 17th)

Following the Wesleyan model of class meetings, I am working on organizing small groups for weekly or bi-weekly connection that will be centered around checking in on one another’s spiritual and emotional health. These groups will commence this Fall. The primary purpose of these groups is to check in on one another’s souls. This is mainly done by asking the question, “How goes it with your soul?” or more simply “How is your spiritual life?” If you are interested in going through a short training to lead one of these groups, please contact Ashley. Leadership of these groups will not require a lot of preparation or study; it simply requires your willingness to be present. The more leaders we have, the more groups we will be able to offer! We want everyone to stay connected and feel supported even during this strange season. Here is the link to sign up for either leading or participating in a group this fall: I really hope you will consider participating. It is a one-hour a week commitment that will occur either weekly or bi-weekly, depending on the preference of your group. This is a really important opportunity to stay connected, stay spiritually grounded and even get to know others in our church family!