Our Current Sermon Series

Sunday January 13th Worship at Cornerstone at 9 & 10:45 AM

Worship Schedule in January

Sunday, January 13th “What’s the Deal with the Origins of Life, the Universe and Everything?”
Sunday, January 20th “What’s the Deal with the Environment, and God’s Expectation of Care of Creation?”
Sunday, January 27th “What’s the Deal with God’s Peace when Life is Full of Stress and Worry?”
Sunday, February 3rd “What’s the Deal with Speaking in Tongues, Healings and Miracles?”
Sunday, February 10th “Jew and Gentile, slave and free, male and female,” in a message on the importance of women clergy, with, “What’s the Deal with Women in the Church?  (And Do We Still Have to Talk About This?)”
Sunday, February 17th “What’s the Deal with Homosexuality and the Faith?”
Sunday, February 24th “What’s the Deal with the Good Book, Scriptural Inspiration and Biblical Authority?”
Sunday, March 3rd “What’s the Deal with Money? Can God Make Me Rich or Does He Want Me to Give It All Away?”

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