December 2, 2021 Pastor’s Column

Happy December!

As we move through this season of Advent I encourage you and your family or friends to do something special for Jesus.  Here are some ideas of things you could try: fast one day a week and on that day be intentional about praying more, listening for what He wants to say to you, reading scripture and telling Jesus you love Him. Read an Advent devotional each day by yourself or with others–like at mealtime. You could even talk about it with friends on Zoom or via text or phone. Read through the Gospel stories about the birth of Jesus and reflect on them. You could even make Christ themed decorations for your tree and give a special offering to Him through the church. No matter what you do, do something for the one who was born in Bethlehem for you. Let us celebrate His coming and birth in ways He would appreciate.

Celebrating His Coming with you,
Pastor Comer