Pastor’s Column October 7, 2021

Happy October!

It is my joy to be able to greet you this month. The Lord has been so good. We celebrate that we are back in the building together and able to enjoy one another’s fellowship. We celebrated Chuck’s 29th year being a leader with our Music Ministry and we are so grateful for him and his ministry among us. Thank you again Chuck for allowing God to use you, for the ways that you bless us and empower us to worship and for your leadership with the Praise Team.

I want to encourage everyone to begin making your way back to church if you have not joined us back in the building yet. I would love to see your masked face and have the pleasure of meeting and greeting you. I want you to know that the leadership team has taken great care to try to make things safe and comfortable for everyone as much as we can. Chairs are grouped and spread out so that each family can sit comfortably with each other. The ark shape helps us to be able to see one another. Everyone who attends is masked including the singers and speakers so we are keeping our germs to ourselves as much as possible; and we are creating a culture of keeping a physical distance of at least 4 feet so that everyone can be as safe as possible, especially those who are immune compromised or unvaccinated. Everyone is welcome and wanted. Including you. We want you and your family to join us and help our Church Family to reassemble and be Cornerstone-strong in Christ Jesus.

So, this week, I’m inviting you to make it a point to plan on attending either the 9am or the 10:45am service; and call and invite another person or family to meet you here. It will be so good to see you! If you’d like to know all that we are doing to bring us together safely and help everyone stay safe, you can read our current Covid-19 Response Policies. They are posted on our website.

COVID Policies – Cornerstone (

I do want to let you know that the new state mandate for vaccination or negative covid test proof in social contexts will be in full effect beginning October 25th. I have included a copy of the Order below. Please know that our Response Team and Leadership Team will be discussing this next week to determine our next steps in light of this, if any. Here is the actual order from the State of Washington:

Local Health Officer Verification of Vaccination Order (

Let us thank God for being our God and our guide through all of this. We can be grateful that we are not alone. God is with us; and we have an awesome Church Family to journey through life. May we avail ourselves of both so that we can be witnesses to Christ’s more than sufficiency now and always.

With love and appreciation for you,
Pastor Cecilia Comer.