Pastors Column – December 2019

Pastor’s Column:  So Grateful

So grateful — for our Serve team leaders, and the efforts our congregation has put in to welcoming the men from the HOME program into His Place every night throughout December! And for going the extra mile to provide them with breakfast on Sundays and invite them to join us for worship!

So grateful — for support for our special Christmas giving projects, like over $1000 for our missionaries in India, the Ellingtons; some 93 shoeboxes of toys for kids through Operation Christmas Child; and now the many gifts coming in for Angel Tree and the children of incarcerated parents, and for the Maple Valley Food Bank!

So grateful — for the well that our own Jennifer Brown and members of Cornerstone helped to fund for the village in Kalambi, Kenya! And the awesome video they sent us thanking our congregation!

So grateful — for our kids and parents and grandparents who are helping put on our yearly Children’s Christmas Pageant during services on Sunday, December 15th!

So grateful — for our Youth Ministry interns Riley and David, and for our lay servants in that ministry, who keep our high school youth group humming as we seek our next Youth Ministries Director!

So grateful — for Ms. Christine’s ministry with our children, and now Ms. Karen stepping in as our new Children’s Ministries Director!

So grateful — for Michelle and Connect team, inviting our community to Cornerstone through the Maple Valley Christmas Holiday Celebration; making crafts and handing out invitations!

So grateful — for our Sew n’ Serve ladies making lap blankets for seniors and cute Christmas stockings for newborns!

So grateful — to our Enhancement team for preparing our sanctuary and our facilities for Advent and Christmas with all these gorgeous seasonal decorations! And to our Worship team for filling our worship space with songs of the season!

So grateful — to our Trustees for their continued care and stewardship of our facilities and grounds, and for special lay leaders overseeing our continued progress on the potential sale of our back property!

So grateful — for our staff, teams, committees and lay servants, who give back to God through hands and hearts, completing another huge year of ministries in our Church!

So grateful — to Felicia and our Middle Schoolers, and everyone who donates to our Blessing Box; and the constant flow of nonperishable goods and useful items that flow through that simple little cabinet in our parking lot!

So grateful — to the God who loves us all so much that God sent Jesus to be born in our world, to live for us, to die for us, to rise for us, and to lead us back into God’s embrace! The God who makes us a family.

So grateful!

See you in Church,

Pastor James Murphy